1st TA visitors meeting (TAM)

First User Group Meeting - Edinburgh, UK - 23 Oct 2018

First User Group Meeting for HPC-Europa3 visitors will take place in Edinburgh (UK) on 23 Oct 2018.

This meeting is open to all HPC-Europa3 visitors whose visits have already been completed, or are still taking place, on the date of the event. All attendees are expected to present the work done during their HPC-Europa3 visit, either in a poster or a talk. The event will be a nice opportunity to network and meet other visitors from the programme!

Some information for invited participants follows below.

Agenda of the day



John McIntyre Conference Centre, at the University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls site on Holyrood Park Road. More information here

How to get there

For those of you travelling from outside Edinburgh, please book your own travel, and we will refund this. Further details about the refunding process are in the final section. 

When you arrive in Edinburgh - depending on the time of your arrival - you can take a taxi to the Bayes Centre (or your accommodation), which I would expect to cost around £30 (taxi fares seem to have increased quite a lot recently), or alternatively you could use public transport to get to us. There are a couple of options here:

  • Tram - get off at the Princes Street bus stop and either:
    • walk up the Mound (steep road so not recommended if you have heavy luggage!) and continue along Bank Street / George IV Bridge / Bristo Place and cross Bristo Square. Walk past the entrance to the Dugald Stewart Building, which adjoins our building, and go through the passage between it and the university gift shop. You will be in a central square - the entrance to the Bayes is on the left. (If you enter via Potterrow, the entrance will of course be on your right!).
    • take a bus (41, 42, 67) from the bottom of the Mound, next to the neoclassical Royal Scottish Academy building. Single tickets cost £1.70; day tickets £4.00 - although I think you may be able to get a combined ticket from the airport. Get off at Potterrow and you will be opposite the Bayes Centre (or Royal Commonwealth Pool stop for Pollock Halls).
  • Airport bus (Airlink 100) 
    • As above, either walk (via Waverley Bridge, then right into Market Street and up the hill to join the Mound / Bank Street, and follow the instructions given for the tram), or make your way to the Mound to take bus 41, 42 or 67 as described above. If you have luggage, it is easier to take the flat route to the Mound, via Princes Street (or the top path in Princes Street Gardens, which is a bit nicer!).
  • Slow airport bus direct to Bayes Centre/Pollock Halls (Skylink 300 - only this Skylink service passes us!): 
    • This bus is very convenient as it offers a direct connection between the airport and the Bayes Centre Pollock Halls, but only take this bus if you have plenty of time - check the timetable and allow a bit extra - as it's essentially a regular city bus that goes to the airport, not an express bus. Get off at Potterrow for the Bayes Centre and Salisbury Place for Pollock Halls. 

More information about buses from the airport can also be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Inglis (c.inglis [at] epcc.ed.ac.uk).