Networking Activities

HPC-Europa3 offers a well-established and successful mechanism for fostering collaborative research, building cross-national collaborations, and allowing computational scientists to contribute to the skills development of junior researchers and/or researchers from countries with limited access to HPC facilities. All this is not achievable by one institution working alone and will undoubtedly reinforce the active collaboration between HPC centres and scientific communities.

This action, on the other hand, cannot act in isolation from the European HPC panorama as a whole, which is populated by several initiatives each working, at different levels and with different final goals, towards a shared objective of structuring and reinforcing a European vision, implementation and provision of HPC. This Networking Activity (NA) aims to work on the enlargement of the user community not only by involving research teams from a larger number of countries, but also by connecting with other research initiatives and groups.

Active collaborations are listed at

An additional focus is to foster the HPC culture for SMEs. The network of host centres extends to labs with strong technical-engineering characterizations and expertise. This will lead, in the long term, to technology transfer actions with industries and SMEs. Specific marketing and publicity actions are foreseen to improve the awareness among SMEs of the opportunity given by HPC technologies and services, and to bring SMEs into a closer relationship with the use of HPC. 

For specific question or information on the NA

HPC-Europa3 NA Leader, KTH-PDC
Lilit Axner
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