Transnational Access

The project is based on a program of visit, in the form of traditional transnational access, with researchers visiting HPC centres and/or scientific hosts who will mentor them scientifically and technically for the best exploitation of the HPC resources in their research. The visitors will be funded for travel, accommodation and subsistence, and provided with an amount of computing time suitable for the approved project.

The calls for applications will be issued 4 times per year and published online on the HPC-Europa3 website.

A web-based interface will be set-up to submit applications. Detailed guidelines and an on-line FAQ will be also provided to assist the applicants with the process. Each application will be then reviewed independently according to its technical and scientific merits, before being considered by the Scientific Users’ Selection Panel.

The first call for visitors is planned for June 2017 and more information on the process will be added in the near future.